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The OFFICIAL Web Site of Hall of Fame Legend Bob Foster



Straight From The Champ!


Welcome to the Official Website of Bob Foster! Solution Graphics

Each autographed item comes with a certificate of authenticity from Wilson Sports Management, Inc., which maintains the exclusive right to market the authentic signature of Bob Foster. All items are signed at the time of order, and personalized upon request. We also have the largest collection of vintage Bob Foster sports memorabilia available on the internet. Shipping is FREE with all orders!

click the image for each item to enlarge and see more images of the item. Payments are secure with paypal. No paypal account needed.
Ring Magazine

1968 Ring Magazine





Boxing Illustrated

1970 Boxing Illustrated




Poster Foster Finnagan

1972 Foster v. Finnegan On-site Program




Foster Kelly Program

1971 Foster v. Kelly On-site Program


$ 85.00


Foster Ali pos

Foster v. Ali Fight Poster (Reprint)


$ 35.00



Foster v. Ali 8’ x 10’ Color Photo


$ 35.00


Heavy Bag Training

8’ x1 0’ B/W Photo


$ 25.00


speed bag training

8’ x 10’ B/W Photo


$ 25.00


Futura Boxing Card

1998 Futura Boxing Card



$ 20.00


1970 Panini Boxing Card Bob Foster (Rookie)

currently sold out

$ 75.00


1973-74 Panini Boxing Card Bob Foster


$ 55.00


1975 Panini Boxing Card Bob Foster


$ 40.00


1970 Foster v. Frazier Boxing Ticket


$ 20.00


1974 Foster v. Ahumada Boxing Ticket


$ 20.00


Boxing Ticket Combo Buy 2 and Save!


$ 30.00


FREE SHIPPING on all items!

Please contact us regarding custom autograph orders.


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